Do You Have Red, Painful Cracks in the Corners of Your Mouth?

Like clockwork, for many years, when winter showed its ugly cold and snowy self, I’d start to suffer from dry skin. The dry skin would show up all over my body, but my face in particular seemed to bear the brunt of it. Right around the edge of my mouth, the skin would become so dry and inflamed that it would turn red and crack. I’d stock up on lip balm but to no avail. The problem just seemed to get progressively worse as winter wore on.

A co-worker, who was always very direct, suggested one day that I might want to think about treatment ideas for my Angular Cheilitis. I had no clue what she was talking about until she explained that her own husband struggled with the same condition every single winter until they sought treatment. By then I was so embarrassed by it, that I knew I needed to address it.

Angular Cheilitis is a chronic issue. That means that it’s important to find treatments that will work for the long term. Since it is so apparent on a person’s face, it’s natural that you’d feel self conscious about it. I know I did so I set out on a path to find something that would work now and would continue to work forever.

I was able to find a cure that worked amazingly well for me.I looked and felt better quickly. The redness around my lips diminished quickly and the pain that accompanied the cracked skin was gone. It really changed the way I carried myself because I no longer felt that everyone was staring at my lips and the redness.

Angular Cheilitis and Diet

I haven’t always paid as much attention to my diet as I should have. Most of us can attest to that. We know better but still we sneak a sweet here and there or have one too many cheeseburgers a month. Obviously eating healthy is important for keeping your weight where it needs to be and your heart in good shape, but what about skin issues? You may be surprised to know that the severity of Angular Cheilitis is greatly impacted by what you eat.

B Vitamins are actually linked to healthy skin and if you’re lacking, you may notice that your Angular Cheilitis flares up. By not eating enough foods that are rich in B Vitamins you are increasing your risk for not only having Angular Cheilitis but dry skin in general.

Some easy ways to increase your intake of B Vitamins include:

To increase your levels of Vitamin B-2 eat more dairy products and also more green leafy vegetables. That means having a spinach salad with some cheese for lunch or a large garden salad with a glass of milk.

To increase your levels of Vitamin B-3 lean protein should be on your menu plans each day. Peanuts and grain cereals are also a good source of this particular type of B Vitamin.

To increase your levels of Vitamin B-6 vegetables should become a regular part of your diet. If you’re not a fan of cooked vegetables, there are plenty that taste phenomenal raw. Bananas are a great source of Vitamin B-6 too.

Although consuming more B Vitamin rich foods is helpful, it’s designed more for prevention than treatment of an active Angular Cheilitis episode.

Natural treatment options are often the best though. There is a natural way to cure Angular Cheilitis – learn more here.

Important Angular Cheilitis Facts

Treatment is essential if you want to clear up your Angular Cheilitis, but in addition to that there are also things you need to avoid. By carefully following these rules you’ll ensure you suffer much less with this irritating skin condition.

Don’t lick your lips. It’s incredibly tempting to lick your lips when you are experiencing the dry, cracked and reddened skin that accompanies Angular Cheilitis. It’s a natural reaction but one you must try and avoid. If you moisten the reddened area at all it will only worsen the condition.

Avoid orange juice. Many of us are accustomed to a large glass or robust orange juice every morning but that can be a hindrance if you have Angular Cheilitis. The acid in the juice can irritate the area and cause the episode to be even worse including prolonging it. The only way you should be drinking orange juice, if you crave it, is through a straw.

Ensure your dentures fit properly. You may not immediately associate your dentures with the cracked skin of Angular Cheilitis but the two can be closely related. Most denturists will either adjust your dentures for free or will only charge a minimal fee. It’s a good idea to have this done regularly.

You may not realize that if you leave Angular Cheilitis untreated that it can result in severe scars. It’s important that you address the issue as soon as possible. You can do this in the comfort of your home in a natural way. Learn more about that now.


Angular Cheilitis Overnight Cure

I initially went to see my family doctor when I realized that I was suffering from Angular Cheilitis. He took a quick look and wrote a prescription for a fairly expensive cream. I started using it immediately because I was so eager to get rid of the redness that was surrounding my mouth. The pharmacist told me that it would like take a month or more before I saw any real improvement. I was deflated but thought it was better than nothing.

I used the cream exactly as prescribed but within a couple of weeks noticed a stark change. It wasn’t that the redness was getting any better. In fact, it had become that much more noticeable because the cream was actually bleaching my skin. The skin was still cracked, I was still in pain and I felt that I had wasted valuable time and money.

I grew so self conscious about the issue that I would miss days of work claiming to be sick with a stomach bug or cold. When I was forced to go out in public I’d do my best to hide my mouth behind my hand or under the collar of my coat. I just didn’t want people staring at the red, cracked skin on my face anymore.

I scoured the internet looking for others who had the same problem as me and then came across Angular Cheilitis Overnight Cure. The method that it outlined was foreign to me because it was so different than what I’d been led to believe would work. The treatment it suggested consisted of a few low cost, natural items. I gathered them together (I already had most at home) and started doing what it said. I went to bed hopeful that I’d found a cure and woke up stunned.

Much of the redness had disappeared overnight and the cracks were closed. That alone was such a welcomed relief. For the first time in a very long time I felt promise.

If you are feeling at all self conscious about the skin surrounding your mouth because you suffer from Angular Cheilitis, learn more about how the Angular Cheilitis Overnight Cure can help you.

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